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University Psychological Help:

From the new academic year, the University provides psychological counselling for students, doctoral students and employees of the Medical University of Lublin.

Help is directed primarily to people who:
- have mental malaise,
- are in a temporary crisis related to a difficult situation,
- have difficulty in making an important decision,
- have difficulty adjusting to the situation,
- have depressive moods,
- experience anxiety and panic attacks,
- see other disturbing symptoms in themselves.

Persons who report to the University Psychological Help can count on professional support and psychological help focused on solving the problem. Psychological help is free of charge.

Why Psychological Help in UMLUB?

Numerous scientific reports indicate the intensification of mental problems in students as a group. Research shows, among others that "every eighth student suffers from mood disorders" [Białkowska, Hygeia, 2014], "the frequency of depression / depressive symptoms (based on screening tests) is 27.2% and ranges from 9.3% to 55.9%; the frequency of suicidal thoughts is 11.1% (7.4% -24.2%) ”[Slavin, JAMA, 2016]. Screening conducted at the Medical University of Lublin and previous forms of psychological assistance offered also showed that there is a demand among students for such help.

How to register for University Psychological Help?

You must register using the application form on the website - Click to open (forms in Polish and English) or by phone / SMS directly to psychologists.
Help is provided on-line (Zoom / Skype / Messenger / Whats up) or in the form of contact meetings. A special room is dedicated for this purpose (room no. 213, 2nd floor of Collegium Didacticum, Chodźki 7 Street).
In terms of contact visit, all epidemiological regulations in force at UMLUB should be followed.

Who is offering Psychological Help?

University Psychological Help employees are qualified psychologists / psychotherapists with many years of experience:
- Dr Joanna Milanowska – tel. 691 967 338 – counselling in Polish and English
- Dr hab. Ewa Humeniuk – tel. 502 379 040 – counselling in Polish
- Dr Tomasz Kucmin – tel. 605 551 993 – advice in Polish and English

Persons applying to the University Psychological Help are guaranteed absolute discretion!

Application form:

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